The Top 9 Ways to Maintain a Clean Office or Commercial Property

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The Top 9 Ways to Maintain a Clean Office or Commercial Property

The cleanliness and up keep of an office or commercial property can have a huge impact on a client’s perspective of your company and can also impact a landlord’s chances of letting out office space within their building. The environment you and your employees work in can influence the attitude and productivity of your workforce, which makes following the nine simple tips to maintain a clean office you see below that much more important.

  1. Allocate Jobs

If you expect your employees to automatically complete daily and weekly cleaning jobs – think again. By drawing up a cleaning roster and clearly specifying who should complete each job and when, you will ensure that all tasks are completed and you maintain a clean office space.

  1. Lead by Example

As the owner or manager of the business it’s up to you to set the standards and take pride in the appearance of the workplace. If you don’t care, how can you expect your employees to care?

  1. Put Down Mats at Entrances

Placing mats down at entrances will help to trap dirt and dust particles employees bring into the building. They are particularly beneficial when it’s raining and can help keep hard floors relatively dry which reduces the chance of someone slipping and injuring themselves.

  1. Bins

If there aren’t enough litter bins throughout your workspace the chances of rubbish accumulating is high. Placing a litter bin next to each employee’s desk, makes it easy for them to throw rubbish away. To ensure bins are emptied on a regular basis you should include the task in your cleaning roster.

  1. Disinfect Your Bathrooms

Regular cleaning and disinfecting of bathrooms creates a healthier environment for employees. A healthier workforce will result in a higher level of productivity and less days off sick.

  1. The Office Kitchen Should Be Spotless

If your office has a kitchen it’s important all food is covered, labelled, and stored in appropriate containers and clean cabinets. Employees should be aware they need to wipe down the microwave, sink and any surfaces every time they use the facilities.

  1. Desk Cleanliness

Office spaces can soon look cluttered and untidy if desks are dirty and untidy. Installing tissue and hand cleaning gel dispensers near desk areas is a great way to ensure employees keep their desks clutter and germ free.

  1. Organise Your Paperwork

If you notice paperwork within your office space is starting to pile up, it’s probably time you invested in more filing cabinets or wall pockets. Providing each employee with desk trays will also ensure your paperwork doesn’t take over your office.

  1. Hire the Services of a Professional

While all the above are useful tips in keeping your office or commercial building clean and tidy they can take up valuable time you simply aren’t able to fit into your working day. Hiring the services of a professional office cleaning company ensures you can concentrate on more pressing matters, yet still boast a clean, clutter free office space that represents your business in the perfect light.

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